This Artist loves to carve large train relief sculptures.

Jackie Hadnot creates wood relief sculptures that are extremely detailed.

Jackie curves all his relief sculptures by hand from a single slab of wood and it’s one of the most difficult things to carve, but Jackie is able to pull it off beautifully.

Jackie Hadnot is a gifted and imaginative artist whose wooden relief sculptures will blow your mind. He describes his trains as “Wooden IronHorses”.

He has a unique eye for detail as well as the ability to create incredibly fine-textured artwork, which he uses in his sculpture projects. Jackie enjoys working in all mediums, but specializes mainly with wood.

He has been commissioned to create artworks by both private and public institutions. His hand-carved wooden relief sculptures are full of life, detail and character.

Those who have discovered his work are incredibly grateful. Jackie Hadnot is more than just a gifted and imaginative woodworker. He has a magical approach to creativity and his pieces are some of the best relief sculptures you will come across.

Jackie Hadnot has a passion for woodwork, and his intricate wooden relief sculptures are truly inspiring. The artist creates wooden pieces which can standalone or be grouped to create a unique wall panel.

Each sculpture has its own unique story, created so that the enjoyment of each piece can be shared with someone who comes upon it. Each distinct, colorful piece of art is crafted from a variety of different woods.

His attention to detail and the level of intricacy that he employs within his artistic practice can only be described as jaw-dropping. Each piece is one of a kind, an original artwork.

I am personally grateful for Jackie’s artwork. He has such a passion and fervour for his artwork, which made me realize how much love you need for both the place we live at and the work we thrive to do. I hope to have 10% of his passion and joy to create works of art so everyone can enjoy. I love how when I stand in front of his woodworks; I see the movement of each carving; each chisel feels real and in this digital age, I am overjoyed that I can touch an image and perceive a human element behind the work.

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