Hi, my name is joe

Hello, my name is Joe and I love to shoot. Landscapes and portraits are my favorite subjects. I discovered photography to document a trip to Kosovo. NATO had liberated the Kosovars from the government of Milosevic, Serbia.

Pristina, Kosovo

I was a high school dropout, and I knew little about the Kosovars. My teammates and I spent three months doing humanitarian work like boxing food for the villagers and teaching English classes at the University of Pristina. I still remember the amazing Byrek and Turkish coffee at the corner cafe.

Kosovar Albanians

I remember the stories told from first-hand accounts of Kosovars facing dangerous conflicts. Serbian with Yugoslav armies had a campaign of ethnic cleansing of Kosovar Albanians. There are still landmines being discovered from the conflict. MT is where landmines got planted shown in one photo. Each minefield could have hundreds of bombs.

The youth and adults wanted an education but couldn’t afford to take classes. Their passion helped me realize education is a luxury in some places. I understood its value because of my time there. I went back to school for a BA and a MS from CSULA and UCLA. But throughout my time here in LA, I would have to say that photography has been my best friend.

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